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Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 2020-12-10 19:52.

Researchers associated with the IAPR contribute to identified research themes.  Research themes are identified on the basis of a perceived need for informed policy research and policy advice. As these needs may change over time, the life of research themes may vary from short to long. 

The Insitute is currently focussed on five reseach themes:

The Institute has in the past offered contributions to a better understanding issues of public policy in the following areas:

Click on the titles of Research Themes (or on the menu to the left) to learn more about each Research Theme and the research published under each heading.

The Institute also publishes Policy Briefs the purpose of which is to contribute to the public's understanding of current issues of public policy or to make the public aware of issues in need of attention. As well, the Institute sponsors research on questions of public policy authored by graduate students. Click on the menu at left to review posted Policy Briefs and to learn more about Graduate Student Research at the IAPR. Finally, click on Work in Progress to learn about soon-to-be-posted research by those affiliated with the IAPR.